Language Learning Blogs that work?

“How to keep the fun in Language Learning!”

Not only deals with how it is learning a language but also discusses pedagogy and the bloggers own experience of being an ELT. A more formal class oriented blog on English Language learning/ English Language Teaching.

“You don’t learn language, you get used to it”

The writer of this blog is trying to promote language learning not through classes, etc. Rather through immersion. It focuses on the learners ability to motivate themselves into learning by immersing themselves in the language rather than focusing on class based learning. An example of someone using language technology in the language learning process.

Great about, 70% aspiration, 30% inspiration. Language technology in motion.

Very approachable for someone learning a new language, doesn’t set goals rather describes personal experiences that could make it more relatable rather than intimidating. Doesn’t come at you as “Oh wow I learned Japanese in 18 months” it’s more I learned this on my own but it was fun and doable. More about the learning experience.

Confusing. If I was reading this blog as a person learning English I would be terrified and confused, especially as this was supposedly from a person learning English themselves. But scroll down past the Cillit Bang style ads for what I assume to be his own brand of an English Teaching Programme and there lies a fairly competent language learning blog. It has everything from phrases to learning tips, as well as a whole host of blog posts regarding those who speak English as a foreign language. Probably the most balanced as far as being approachable and effective.


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