Language Learning Assumptions

For me, the faster and more effective way to learn something in regards to languages or English theory is to write it down.

I have also thought that for me writing something out was always more effective than typing something out or simply reading lecture notes online without writing any of my own, even if it is just to paraphrase what is already written out for me or has been given to me in print form. It can be that I end up writing pages upon pages of notes and then will spend a few weeks “perfecting” them by rewriting them so that I can memorize them.

This could be considered a waste of time/ resources as perfectly good notes may have already been given, or the fact that I have notes available to me online in an easy to search and easy to access format but because I have the resources to make my own notes based upon the work of others. Notes being available online or from lecturer print outs also means I don’t have to spend time on researching the subjects myself, all I have to do is simplify or reformat the works of others.

It’s not necessarily a dislike of online notes that prompts me to write things out by hand but rather the comfort of having tangible, but more importantly, personalised notes that allow me to feel as though I’ll know the material better if I have my own physical copy which differs from others.

Whilst writing notes out by hand I don’t think I am losing out on time or wasting resources, rather I believe that when it comes to an exam situation in which answers must be given within a particular amount of time, I will perhaps have an advantage in that I am used to writing out large amounts of texts, and perhaps the process of writing and rewriting has allowed me to convert some of what I know/ need to know to muscle memory, so that even if I panic I can continue to write out of reflex


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