Languishing in Linguistics

Since the start of the semester I have spent my time tackling an unexpected adversary in the form of Linguistics 1, which is an introduction to linguistics. Having left the mind-boggling world of Japanese, I had thought I’d be on more solid ground with linguistics. I was wrong. Whilst we do learn linguistics through English, […]

Using a graphics tablet

Having studied Japanese for the better part of 2 years what I found the most difficult when learning off the writing systems involved. In my experience one of the most tedious and daunting tasks that I came across was finding the meaning of strange Kanji. There are thousands of Kanji in Japanese, all grouped by […]

Teaching English as a Foreign language

So far I hadn’t given much consideration to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, because in truth, it feels as though I have plenty of time. But when working on group presentations it’s given me a chance to think about what exactly it must be like to sit in a lecture where a lecturer is […]

CALL, me? Maybe.

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) may not be a term that is widely known outside of academia but it is definitely a concept people are familiar with, if only vaguely and there are probably only a few who would look at ways to change the way they are using computers to help with what they […]

I scream, you scream, because that’s what tongue twisters tend to do.

When seeing the careers counsellor in 5th year of secondary school I was told that one of my best qualities that would help me in looking for a job in future was the fact that I had a “flat” accent. It was only after seeing the confused smile on my face that he meant this in […]

Language Learning Blogs that work? “How to keep the fun in Language Learning!” Not only deals with how it is learning a language but also discusses pedagogy and the bloggers own experience of being an ELT. A more formal class oriented blog on English Language learning/ English Language Teaching. “You don’t learn language, you get used to it” […]